Common questions

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Table of Contents
How do I take a loan from my 401(k) plan?
When can I withdraw money from the 401(k) plan?
Can I change my investments?
How are my contributions invested?
How do I enroll in the 401(k) plan?
How much can I contribute to my 401(k) plan?
Who is eligible to participate in a 401(k) plan?
What is the role of an Advisor in offering your 401(k) solutions?
What is our role in administering the 401(k) plan and how much time will it take?
How to set up a 401(k) plan for our company?
I am a Registered Rep and an IAR – can you work with both platforms?
What custodians do you work with?
How is client billing handled?
How is revenue sharing handled for qualified retirement plans?

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