Turnkey Asset Management Platform
What is a Turnkey Asset Management Platform?

RetireBetter provides access to turnkey asset management programs, or TAMPs, allowing advisors to delegate the investment management function for client portfolios. TAMPs are provided by professional investment management companies or investment banks that possess rich investment experience, advanced research capabilities, and excellent resources. Therefore, they can provide clients with professional investment management services tailored to their needs.

By delegating the investment management function, advisors are able to“sit on the same side of the table” as the client, monitoring performance and recommending change if it falls short. And, at the same time, by offloading back-office functions, advisors can focus more on client facing activities and on growing their business.

Why Choose Our TAMP?

TAMPs can transfer back-office operations to a professional team, allowing investment advisors to spend more time communicating and interacting with their clients. By delegating investment management functions to a professional team, a TAMP can reduce the risk associated with the investment portfolio while providing ongoing oversight and attention to the investment strategies.

Our TAMP platform provides advisors with all of the tools and technology needed to be more efficient, monitor client performance, create reports, and set up workflows and alerts to improve client service.

How It Works?

TAMP creates an investment portfolio for the client based on their risk tolerance and investment objectives, determining the types, proportions, and configurations of investments held. The TAMP team monitors and manages the client's investment portfolio, making necessary adjustments based on market conditions. Investment advisors can view the performance of their clients' investment portfolios on the TAMP platform at any time and make necessary recommendations and adjustments.

In summary, by using RetireBetter's TAMP services, investment advisors can delegate back-office operations to a professional team while focusing on communicating and interacting with their clients and expanding their business. Clients can benefit from more professional investment management services, achieving wealth growth and long-term stable investment returns.